i'll be okay for a while, not for long but for now. but in the end i'll never be okey cause life doesn't work at 100 % when you're gone

i know for sure now, that nothing is going to be like it used to be. you have made your choice. even if you don't say it out loud, your body language and your actions say otherwise. I will never forget the friend you were with me. I will never stop loving you as my best friend. but it is said and done. I wish with all my vitality that it would be different, that you would understand that they has not done something right. they do not deserve you, not after their behavior. but I can not do anything, I have not the power. Even though I really would like to make you understand you can not. they will hurt you again, and you'll be sorry. you will cry. it is the difference between me and them, i don't hurt you like they do. i don't leave you alone like they do. I stand up for you, I stand by your side in any weather. That's nothing they do. I will always love you my friend. if it is them that makes you happy. so will I tolerate it, because all I ever wanted is that you are happy

sovasovasova, trött trött trött och vill bara dö. imorgon kommer det upp bilder från allt. hoppas ni blir nöjda hehe. men nu blir det att kolla sex and the city 2 tills batteriet tar slut. ni får ha det bra, vi hörs senare idag(?) men yes, ni förstår. puss


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